Swift Computing - Flexible Software, Brighter Business

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Company Profile

A circle of smiling businesspeople

From its set up as a developer of financial software in 1982, Swift Computing has grown to become an 80+ employees group supplying both major organisations and SMEs alike with flexible business applications software and services.

The first version of the company's flagship product, DISTRIBUTION, originated from our belief that there were many companies which required fully functional end-to-end systems which had the flexibility to adapt to different business rules and client processes in ways that were not on offer from other leading ERP vendors.

Since then, Swift’s philosophy of Collaborative Working has created a system which incorporates all the very best in client recommended enhancements, providing a solution based on proven processes and experience “on the ground”.

With the advent of Internet trading, Swift Computing has extended its product range to include the Web Store, ensuring that customers can move to a Web based environment with minimum disruption by offering full integration services between our technology and that of third party vendors.

As an offshoot of Internet trading, the Group has diversified, acquiring the former AA Distribution Centre at Rugby in 1999 to establish Swift FM. With both physical warehousing services and IT systems “under one roof”, Swift can offer a package of services and software which is easily tailored to suit both a fast moving business environment and changes in our customers’ own operational set up.

Collaborative Working also enables Swift Computing and the Group to draw on the skills and expertise of colleagues throughout the organisation. The experience of Swift LG, the group’s Local Government arm, in developing systems to support E-Government initiatives feeds into Swift Computing’s Web Store developments. The logistics experience of Swift FM’s team helps to ensure that new developments in DISTRIBUTION are based on sound principles. Swift Computing’s core teams contribute the IT framework and tools to support continual improvement.

It’s this flexible approach which unites people, processes and technology to deliver competitive advantage.

Swift Computing - Flexible Software, Brighter Business.