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Online Business

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Internet and Extranet products and supporting services geared to developing your company’s e-business with links to Swift’s DISTRIBUTION “back office” fulfilment/warehousing systems or to third party systems providing total supply chain management.

The Web Store
Provides your customer with a web interface for browsing online catalogues and making online purchases via your web site. This Web entry point can be adapted to direct customers to special promotions and/or new product details.

The Web Store allows for variations in the way your catalogue is viewed by your customer and allows tailored ordering methods to suit your customers’ individual requirements.

The Web Store manages orders and creates new accounts without manual intervention. Other key administrative tasks are handled via your Swift or third party back-office system.

The administration interface handles inventory management and updating of stock levels from new deliveries via an easy to use Catalogue amendment feature.

For more information about Web Store, click here.

Project Planning
We will investigate your needs and expectations to produce a strategic report which becomes the blueprint for the Web enquiry, order processing and Business to Business modules. This phase includes consideration of “front end” web design.

The Web based modules are customised in line with this report to allow your customers only to access the information you have defined.

Extranet Business-to-Business
The nature and speed of E-Business demand that interactions between companies are automated where possible. Our applications are based on a messaging approach (for both purchase and sales ordering) where businesses pass interactive messages to each other, just as “physical” messages such as faxes and packages are sent from one organisation to another.

For more information about Extranet Developments, please email us at .

If you need the infrastructure to ensure that a fully transactional site is protected, we can advise on security measures. Your site can be hosted at a secure Datacentre equipped with the very latest in server, network, telecoms and security technology to ensure that your e-business is always online.

Swift Computing - Flexible Software, Brighter Business.