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Office Supplies Distribution

Office suppliesA leading office supplies company running our DISTRIBUTION system to control the movement of stationery and consumables through 5 main distribution centres UK wide.

Interactive telesales functions are an important element in helping our client to transform from a reactive to a proactive sales organisation, making it easier for their operators to “know the customer” and offer client specific pricing and promotions.

Orders taken up to 17:00 on one day are delivered next day, and use of the Swift Returns module has helped them to identify errors, implement improvement checks and balances and achieve considerable reduction in returns costs.

Client 2 needed to offer their own customers better visibility of stocks and to provide online access to their in house ordering system for those clients. Swift’s Web store front end has delivered the functionality they needed without placing overheads on their staff or IT resources.

Client 3 runs a large scale de-centralised operation, responsible for shipping printed materials to 3,500 outlets across the UK. Their DISTRIBUTION system processes 40,000 order lines daily and is interfaced to non Swift corporate ledgers.

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